Big ideas All spaces (1)
Big ideas All spaces (1)

DOMI HST Slopes they are distinguished by exceptional water resistance, they are not afraid of mold,

they are resistant to any kind of stains, resistance to high temperature, frost resistance and abrasion resistance.

With exceptional aesthetics that can transform any demanding place, they are fully functional.

The large format means a small amount of grout and at the same time gives the impression of an almost uniform surface.

DOMI HST Slopes have 15 colors and 2 types of surfaces glossy GLOSSY and embossed matt-3D STRUCTURE

DOMI HST Slopes in the format 20cm * 280cm, 40cm * 280cm are designed specifically for finishing slopes

and take into account the standard depth of slopes in apartments and houses.The thickness of the panels in these is 3 mm.

DOMI HST Slopes are non-combustible wall panels.

DOMI HST Slopes have passed the necessary certification tests and have a fire safety certificate

DOMI HST Slopes can be installed in two ways.

With the help of special glue applied in a continuous layer, with a comb with teeth 3-4 mm, or by applying glue in the form of dots

DOMI HST Slopes are a durable and durable material that creates a unique atmosphere and exclusive interior of your apartment, house, office, entrance.

DOMI HST Slopes are natural slopes with a pattern applied to their surface.

DOMI HST Slopes are a completely new solution for interior cladding, which provides a unique opportunity for complete creative freedom.

DOMI HST Slopes are distinguished by: author’s character, wide range of colors, variety of style solutions, simple installation.