MDL479.00 MDL429.00

  • SIZE –  BIG SIZE 60cm*140cm
  • TICKNESS – 3mm
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 BIG SIZE for this model offers the best visual effect.

After installing the kitchen unit, the question arises of buying a kitchen apron that will protect and decorate the kitchen and kitchen unit.

DOMI kitchen aprons, by comparison, have the maximum length and width of all possible other materials for stacking in the kitchen backsplash area.

Features and description of the apron.

The apron has two main functions.

-Exclusive design

-Protection against splashing water and grease.

In our time, protective functions have receded into the background, more and more people are paying their attention to the decorative appearance.

The Domi apron catches the eye with its individually tailored chic design.

The DOMI kitchen panel consists of a number of practical conditions.

-Increased temperature endurance.

-Ability to install the apron yourself

-Easy to clean

When ordering a DOMI apron, it is advisable to know four important details.

1. When measuring the dimensions, do not forget plus 4 cm, for edging and the error between work tables and wall cabinets.

2. A big plus is the ability to install the apron tightly to the table top, without using the installation of the plinth after that.

3. If desired, all external corners can be installed by joining the material at 45 degrees, or using a special aluminum profile.

4. The apron can be used within 1 hour after installation, the full load can be applied after 12 hours.